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  • The Mercury – kTown Hall Hosts Free Coworking Day

    BUSINESS KUTZTOWN — The shared workspace kTown Hall in Kutztown opens its doors for a free Coworking Day on Friday, Feb. 24. “kTown Hall Coworking is a growing community excited about pursuing their passion through their business or organization,” said Anne Timpe, community director of kTown Hall. “We invite you to join us in that […]

Dan Detweiler
August 24, 2022

Ktown was a great find and unique for the area. I needed a meeting location for my team members from out of town and the facility was exactly what I needed to conduct my team reviews.

Nick Timpe
August 7, 2022

We use kTown Hall for our company office, team events and occasional client meetings. The space is very flexible and meets our needs well.

Shena Hesselbein
August 1, 2022

This place is hands down one of the best coworking spaces I’ve experienced. I work for a remote company so finding and using coworking spaces in various areas around the state and country comes with my job and KTown Hall is leading the pack. They have an inviting space with various work setups to accommodate different work styles, their private phone booths are top notch, the conference room has a great setup with all of the tech that you need (and it works well) and the new office they added in the basement is perfect. It has three separate areas for a desk, couch, and small conference table and even though it’s in the basement, there are windows to the outside and it’s very comfortable. We recently had 6 employees working down there for new hire onboarding and all of our needs were met with the amenities offered in the office set up. To add to the top notch work amenities offered, they also have a clean kitchen area stocked with dishes, coffee, tea, a full fridge, and then some. If you happen to need anything, Anne is always responsive to emails, texts, calls, anything. She’s great to work with and such a pleasure to have a conversation with if your paths cross while you’re there. To sum it up, when it comes to coworking spaces, they set the bar that others should be striving to reach.

Allison Bruen
July 18, 2022

My team used kTown Hall for a week of new-employee onboarding, and I can't say enough good things about the space and the people! We used the downstairs room which was perfectly set up for our team. The different workspaces within the room allowed us to conduct group training sessions while still allowing other team members to focus on their own work. For calls, everyone loved the soundproof phone booths which you can reserve ahead of time, or just hop in for a quick call as needed (as long as they are not reserved). Everyone was so friendly and welcoming, and I particularly enjoyed the communal coffee station. Nice touch!

Jade Moser
July 12, 2022

very modern space. They offer two sound proof pods that are great for taking private meetings where you need a quiet space. There is also a kitchenette with a full-size fridge. Great space to work from!

Zach Brown
June 23, 2022

Went for a free trial day - great workspace and wonderful people. I already have a home office, but I'll definitely be coming here for a change of pace when I need it. Highly recommend for anyone looking to take their work-from-home out of the home.

Terence Liu
June 16, 2022

Really enjoy this place when I go there. It’s clean and bright-lit. Different corners to have a slight change of context for better thinking, and occasional chatting with other fellow co-workers. The phone booth has great sound insulation and is nice for longer periods.

Amy Miller
May 3, 2022

I may be in the minority, but I just don't like working from home. When I left my office job to finish writing a novel, a friend suggested I look for a coworking space. I never expected to find one in Kutztown, just a mile from my apartment, but I'm so glad I did! As soon as I walked in for a tour I knew I wanted to write here. While the outside has a historic vibe, the inside is bright and modern. Everything from the rugs and furniture to the murals in the bathroom is inviting. So are the people! Instead of becoming a hermit I have made many new acquaintances over the past six months. While the space is generally quiet and focused folks are friendly and it's fun to chat about their work. I have even made some business connections to do some freelance writing while I finish my novel. Without kTown Hall I wouldn't be nearly as happy or productive. Whether you live in the Kutztown area and want to shake up your remote work routine or you're just passing through and need a comfortable place to work for a day, I highly recommend visiting kTown Hall!

Carlie Frederick
April 21, 2022

I was visiting family in the area and needed a private work spot for a few hours. The owners of kTown Hall Coworking were so accommodating. I was able to reserve a private booth through email ahead of time. When my computer was being wonky with the wifi, they helped by sharing another wifi password (turns out it was my laptop not the wifi). I will definitely work here again when I’m passing through!

Stephanie Gittleman
August 16, 2021

We had a **wonderful** experience after discovering kTown Hall and spending the day working from this awesome coworking space. My husband and I had planned to spend the day working out of our hotel lobby before driving back to NY, but we scoped out coworking spaces in the area and found kTown. The pricing was so affordable, the space had plentiful types of desks/private areas/amenities and it was the absolutely perfect stop to get some real work done and focus before driving back home. I wish kTown was in our neighborhood so we could be consistent members! Highly recommend to anyone in the area who's looking for a good environment to work out of.

Ed Isidor
June 15, 2021

I've been using this space in addition to my home office for days when I need to focus and get away from distractions at home. It's perfect for that purpose. It's clean, modern, and quiet. While it's a shared space the people I've shared the space with work quietly. There's also two sound-proof booths for use when you need privacy.

Amanda Naugle
June 15, 2021

Friendly atmosphere, spacious, very accommodating

Jason Cavett
June 9, 2021

I attended kTown Hall Coworking on its launch night and it was clear to me that Kutztown was gaining a wonderful new business! Anne takes great pride in making sure that workers in the coworking space have a clean, quiet, and focused space in which to get work done and grow their business. The conference room supports all the technology to hold virtual and in-person meetings. I highly recommend kTown Hall!

Rachel Campbell
June 4, 2021

kTown Hall Coworking space is a wonderful spot to work! The clean modern design gives it a nice fresh feel, and it's cool to see the historical connection as well. There is ample space to work independently or collaborate as a group. There are even private phone booths for making calls on your mobile device! kTown Hall also has COVID precautions in place for cleaning and sanitizing.

Shaina Mack
June 4, 2021

kTown Hall is an awesome place to work! Everything is super clean, there are plenty of outlets and nice amenities which make this the perfect remote work office. The conference room is also a great place for meetings. Plus, the people who work in the kTown hall regularly are pretty cool!

Joan Reilly
June 3, 2021

I discovered KTown Hall during the early shutdown era of the pandemic, when I suddenly needed to attend meetings virtually, and my rural home internet connection wasn’t fast enough to handle two-way-streaming video. I enjoy the clean, tasteful environment, the friendly folks who run it, and of course the fabulous internet connection. It’s a very nice place, and I’m grateful that it exists!

Joshua S
May 26, 2020

Beautiful working space, friendly hosts.