by Victoria Moll, CPC, COC, CPMA, CRC, CPRC, CFPC, Instructor, Contempo Coding

I tried out coworking this week and here’s why I was immediately sold.

Mental clarity. Not just from the standpoint of my sitting down at my coworking desk and my mind triggering into “work” mode, but from the relaxation point as well. I’ve been having a lot of anxiety around all the household tasks and the work tasks and struggling to separate when it’s time to do what. When I got home from my shared office, I knew it was time to unwind and was able to really relax on the couch and watch Hocus Pocus.

Networking. I get to meet other local entrepreneurs, businesspeople, and creators. None of us are in competition with each other, and no one cares if you’re wearing shorts and sneakers.

Environment. The aesthetic is great not only for the ‘gram, but there’s couches for more relaxed work, a conference room, meeting pods, coffee and a kitchenette. For me, that also means no more random trips to check out if anything has changed recently in the refrigerator.

Location! My coworking spot is an easy 10-15 minute drive and in a quiet spot. It’s also only 4 minutes from my secondary gym. I have been really working on getting back into shape after the pandemic and now work out 5 times a week  – two personal training days, two fitness class days, and one cardio day. So now working in that dreaded cardio day is a lot easier.

Flexibility. The space is there when I need it, I can take breaks when and how long I want, and basically structure as I see fit. It’s a great balance of flexibility and structure, and I think will bring me closer to my goal of only working part-time hours. There’s actually a study going on in the U.K. on the 32-hour work week, and I’m all about it.

Since I work primarily in education and only occasionally handle PHI, it’s a great option for me. Even so, there’s precautions that can be utilized like privacy screens or I can just use my home office those days. Overall, it’s just nice to get out of the house again. 🤪